Environmental Groups

Below is a list of environmental groups and community gardens in Tennyson Ward.

Community Gardens

Graceville/Sherwood Community Garden
79 Waratah Ave, Graceville Q 4075
3379 7998 ~ Facebook
*Working Bees – 1st Saturday of the Month from 3pm until dusk.  2nd, 3rd, 4th Sunday of the month from 7am – 9pm
*Bush Tucker Working Bees every Wednesday from 7am – 9am

Organic Gardening Group – Annerley
Annerley Community Hub (upstairs in Centrelife)
556 Ipswich Rd, Annerley Q 4103
3255 9982 ~ Email ~ Facebook

Yeronga Community Garden
Yeronga Community Centre in Yeronga Anglican Church Hall
24 Killarney St, Yeronga Q 4104
3848 2285 ~ Email ~ Facebook
*Every Wednesday from 9am – 11am

Composting Program

You can now contribute your kitchen scraps to the community garden compost bins at the Yeronga and Annerley Community Gardens. Brisbane City Council has partnered with community gardens in Brisbane to turn kitchen scraps into compost with seven new compost hubs. Please help combat organic waste sent to landfill in Brisbane by dropping into the centre with your food scraps.  You can find out more and register for the program here.

Environmental Groups

Arnwood Bushcare Group (Annerley)

Lagonda Park Bushcare Group (Annerley)
0422 277 978 (Greg)
*Works within an urban park at the corner of Lagonda St and Clive St, Annerley.

Caesar’s Place Bushcare Group (Chelmer)
0431 293 810 (David)

Benarrawa Bushcare Group (Corinda)
0417 703 442 (Noel)
*Works within Benarrawa Park at Allen St, Corinda.

Friends of Sherwood Arboretum (Sherwood)

Nosworthy Park Bushcare Group (Corinda)
0408 465 591 (Marie)
*Works within Nosworthy Park, Corinda and along Oxley Creek.

Pennywort Creek Bushcare Group (Corinda)
0414 691 264 (Trevor) ~ Email
*Part of the Oxley Creek Catchment Association network working along the banks of Pennywort Creek.

Francis and Augustus Streets Park Bushcare Group (Corinda)
0434 958 603 (Anne)
*Works in bushland from Francis Outlook to Horace Window Reserve along Brisbane Riverfront

Faulkner Park Bushcare Group (Graceville)
0427 420 743 (Jane)
*Works within Faulkner Park and the Brisbane River at Graceville.

Strickland Terrace Parklands Bushcare Group (Graceville/Sherwood)
3379 6021 (Jocelyn)
*Working within the Strickland The Parklands on the banks of Oxley Greek at Sherwood.

Cliveden Avenue Reserve Bushcare Group (Oxley)
3379 1453 (Carole)
*Working in the reserve and adjacent wetland areas on the banks of Oxley Creek at the end of Cliveden Ave, Oxley.

The Fort Bushland Reserve Bushcare Group (Oxley)
3379 7293 (John)
*Works in the bushland along Fort Road

Yeronga Corso Bushcare Group
*Working along the Brisbane River in Yeronga.