Oxley Road Transport Study

Witton Army Barracks / Walter Taylor Bridge Duplication Submission

Read my submission about the Witton Army Barracks and Duplication of the Walter Taylor Bridge herer.

Witton Army Barracks

Read the extract of my speech to Council regarding Duplication of the Walter Taylor Bridge below.

Excerpt from Council Meeting Minutes re Witton Army Barracks Proposal_01AUG17

Oxley Road Upgrade

As part of Council’s long term infrastructure plan released in early 2011, Council announced an upgrade of Oxley Road to four lanes.  No details are yet available about the plans for the road upgrade; however I have done an RTI to obtain as much information as possible about Council’s plans.  Many of these documents are heavily redacted and I am seeking advice form the information commissioner about getting this information released.  The documents are attached below for your consideration.

South West Corridor Plan – Draft Report  (Too large to upload.  Copies available from my office)

RTI Release_120306 Oxley Rd Corridor Study Proposal

RTI Release_WRAP UP – Appendix 3 WebCrash

RTI Release_SW Corridor Study Project Management Plan

RTI Release_SW Corridor Study Issues Register as at 7 June 2012

RTI Release_SW Corridor Study – Project Budget Proposal V2

RTI Release_Project Brief SW Corridor Study v3