Have Your Say – Brisbane Industrial Strategy (Hyde Rd)

February 2018

The draft strategy is now being reviewed following submissions to inform the preparation of the final Brisbane Industrial Strategy.

November 2018


Brisbane City Council recently announced a review of industrial land uses around the City. Their timing is terrible as people are distracted by the State Election campaign. However, it is important that Yeronga residents speak up as this could affect any future use or development of the Hyde Rd industrial precinct.

The owners of 115 Hyde Rd have stated that they intend to make a submission arguing for rezoning to allow their major residential development to proceed.

You can read the full strategy on Council’s website at  www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/planning-building/planning-guidelines-tools/other-plans-projects/brisbane-industrial-strategy.

Council says the intent of the strategy is to protect existing industrial land for future job needs but allow more flexible uses or “adaptation”. The Hyde Rd Yeronga precinct is part of what’s known as the Strategic Inner City Industrial Areas (SICIA), which Council states should play and increasing role in “low-volume boutique manufacturing.”

There are a wide range of views in the community about what should happen to this land. The review underway could recommend changes to zoning (which would only occur through an amendment to City Plan) or allow different uses and hours of operations on existing industrial land.  An individual development would still require a development application (DA) but any changes to zoning could allow some types of development to proceed as of right.

However, if the only people who speak up during this consultation are the developers calling for rezoning of the Hyde Rd industrial precinct, Council may do this in future.

My view is that no rezoning should occur until a Neighbourhood Plan is done of the area, which involves all residents and landholders in a detailed and transparent consultative process.

How to Have Your Say

Submissions must be lodged with Council by Friday, 8 December, 2017. Some suggestions about what to say are noted overleaf. Feel free to use these suggestions, adapt them or make your own comments. The YDRA also prepared Precinct Vision last year that’s very useful. You can download the YDRA submission and an electronic copy of my template below.

Email to strategic.planning@brisbane.qld.gov.au

Post to Strategic Urban Planning (Brisbane Industrial Strategy), Brisbane City Council, GPO Box 1434, Brisbane Qld 4001.

OR drop into my office at Fairfield Gardens Shopping Centre.

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