Have your say  – Planning Brisbane’s Future

November 2018

Brisbane City Council is currently undertaking a ‘feel good’ consultation about planning for the City’s future.  It is not statutory consultation and will not lead directly to changes to City Plan 2014.

As in the 2005 City Shape process, the feedback will be used to justify future changes to City Plan. This is what the Lord Mayor does now. For example, the feedback from the 2005 City Shape survey is used by the Lord Mayor to justify high rise in the suburbs.

So, it is important that you speak up.  There is an online survey but its really simple and restrictive.  An email or letter with some localised feedback would be the best option if you can.


Here are my top tips:

1. Be specific about what you want for your neighbourhood.

2. Give examples of what you want and don’t want.

3. Give examples of what works in other areas that you like.

4. Don’t forget to say what infrastructure is needed – planning shouldn’t be done in a

5. Know your zoning – your zoning is critical when it comes to the type of development in your neighbourhood.


Here are my top cautions:

1. If you say development should be around rail lines or bus routes that means all suburbs with rail lines could be at risk from high rise!

2. If you support development it does not mean that Council will improve infrastructure to support additional growth!

3. Council town planning generally fails to link growth areas with improved infrastructure eg Sherwood Corinda Medium Density – no new infrastructure planned!


Here are my suggestions to include in your submission (please use or amend them at will):

1. Designated principal, primary and secondary planning areas should be the focus of new development in accordance with Council’s general planning principals and proposals not consistent with zoning outside these areas should be restricted. These areas are:

a. Principal – CBD and CBD fringe suburbs

b. Primary – Indooroopilly, Chermside, Mt Gravatt, Carindale

c. Secondary – Toowong, Nundah, Mitchelton, Wynnum.

This would help stop high rise in the suburbs and stop sport and recreational or community zoned land being used for residential development!

2. Developments that do not meet the acceptable solutions of the City Plan 2014 Codes should be impact assessable and subject to public notification and community consultation. Residents should be notified when development happens in their neighbourhood!

3. Infrastructure delivery should align with planning. Infrastructure charges should be invested in the community where the development is occurring in accordance with local infrastructure plans – this is not happening now.

4. Parking ratios for units must be increased to stop the proliferation of on-street parking causing congestion.

5. Certification of developments should not be allowed privately – all developments should be approved by independent certifiers oversighted by Council.

6. Gross Floor Area (GFA) controls should be reintroduced into City Plan Codes to stop massive increases in the bulk and scale of developments that are occurring.

7. No more five storey units in Sherwood and Corinda – rezone to Low to Medium Density.

8. All pre-1911pre-1946 character houses should be mapped and protected under City Plan 2014. Many are at risk of demolition as they are not protected.

9. There should be consistency between City Plan 2014 and the Queensland Development Codes to stop poor planning outcomes.

10. No building in known high risk flood areas and Land Use changes should be identified in high risk flood areas consistent with the Flood Royal Commission Recommendations.


You can download a copy of these suggestions below and personalise them. Please email your reply to me at tennyson.ward@bcc.qld.gov.au by 8 December so I can submit them. 

Suggested Submission points