Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP)

November 2017

Outcome of Consultation

July 2017

LGIP Submission

Submissions closed on Friday, 21 July. Thank you to all those who made a submission, or returned the postcard. A copy of my submission can be found here.

Council Releases Future Infrastructure Plans – Have your say

Brisbane City Council has released a key plan that will guide major infrastructure upgrades to stormwater, transport, parks and community facilities over the next 10 years.

The Local Government Infrastructure Plan, known as an LGIP, outlines around 1000 projects valued at $2 billion across the City. This does not include smaller, local projects but upgrades to trunk infrastructure on a suburb-wide level. The upgrades reflect population, employment and dwelling projections provided by the State Government.

It is critical that the necessary infrastructure for Tennyson Ward is firstly, on the LGIP list, and secondly, prioritised to meet the needs of our community. Council keeps jamming more and more units into our district but is not supporting growth with the necessary new infrastructure and parklands.

I need your help to make sure key infrastructure upgrades are listed for future funding. Now is the time to speak up.

Listed below are the projects proposed in the LGIP and a list of what’s missing. Suggestions must be made to Council by 5pm, Friday, 21 July 2017 and can be made via the online survey form here or via email infrastructurecoordination@brisbane.qld.gov.au (please make sure to include your name and address) or by post to Infrastructure Coordination, City Planning and Economic Development, Reply Paid 1434, Brisbane, Q, 4001 (no stamp required).

You can view the LGIP and maps via the hotlinks below.

What’s in the LGIP?

Of the 1000 projects city-wide in the LGIP just five (5) are proposed in Tennyson Ward over the next ten years. All are worthwhile but nowhere near enough to support our growing community.


Yeronga, 22 stormwater pipe upgrades, $3m in 2016-2021


Ipswich Rd/Cracknell Rd/Villa St, Annerley intersection upgrade, $1.6m in 2016-2021

Coonan St/Wharf St, Chelmer, intersection upgrade, $1.15m in 2021-2026

Oxley Rd/Long Street East, Graceville, intersection upgrade, $1.8m in 2021-2026

Oxley Creek Common, Rocklea, metropolitan parkland, approx. $16.7m 2021-2026 (Council acquisition from State Government)

What’s been removed from the LGIP?

The Lord Mayor has removed the following projects from the current long term infrastructure plan:

Fairfield Rd upgrade

Oxley Rd upgrade

Community Arts and Leisure Centre, Yeerongpilly – land acquisition and site preparations $1.7m

Land acquisition and park upgrade, Corinda $1m

Land acquisition for district parkland, Tennyson $2.4m

Oxley Bikeway, Ardoyne Rd to Keble St Oxley/Corinda $757,770

Oxley Creek Bikeway, Oxley, Corinda, Sherwood and Rocklea $2.4m

Moolabin Creek Bikeway, Yeerongpilly, $1.3m

Yeronga Bikeway, Orient Rd Park to Brisbane Corso, $257,000

Annerley, 5 stormwater pipe upgrades $454,664

Chelmer/Graceville, 17 stormwater pipe upgrades $1.9m

Corinda, 6 stormwater pipe upgrades $461,000

Fairfield/Yeronga, 5 stormwater pipe upgrades $537,521

Graceville, 41 stormwater pipe upgrades $5m

Sherwood, 4 stormwater pipe upgrades $323,176

Yeronga, 50 stormwater pipe upgrades $1.7m       


What’s needed in the LGIP?

There are some key projects needed for our district that are included in the LGIP. You might like to email Council and ask for these key projects to be included and feel free to add your ideas as well.

New Road Projects

Oxley Rd Sherwood/Corinda low rail bridge, widen four lanes (not raise) in 2016-2021

Ipswich Rd/Venner Rd/Waterton St, Annerley intersection upgrade in 2016-2021

Venner Rd Freight Bypass, new road overpass from Moorooka to Yeerongpilly in 2021-2026 (to divert trucks off Venner Rd and Fairfield Rd)

Seventeen Mile Rocks Rd/Cook St, Oxley corridor upgrade in 2021-2026

Oxley Rd/Cliveden Ave, Corinda intersection upgrade 2016-2021

New Parkland

RSPCA site, Yeronga – acquisition of parkland for recreational and sporting use in 2016-2026

Oxley Secondary College, Oxley – acquisition and remediation of old school site for recreation and sporting use in 2016-2026

Ferry Terminals

New ferry terminals to extend City Cat upstream to Fairfield, Yeronga, Tennyson and Graceville


Sherwood Rd, Sherwood/Rocklea separated, off-road bikeway, connecting Sherwood Rd Sherwood to Fairfield Rd, Rocklea in 2016-2021

Annerley Rd, Annerley separated, off road Bikeway connecting Annerley Rd, Dutton Park with Ipswich Rd, Annerley in 2016-2021

Yeronga Bikeway, Orient Rd Park to Brisbane Corso, $257,000

Stormwater – fight for your suburb!

All those listed in bold, above, for Annerley, Fairfield, Chelmer, Graceville, Sherwood, Corinda and Yeronga.


To view more on the LGIP visit the below links:

General Information

Schedule of Works:

Revenue and Cash Flows

Land for Community Facilities

Public Parks



Ferry Terminals


Interactive Map

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Talk to a Planner

Council are also holding two drop-in sessions that allow you to talk to a Council planner or technical specialist about the draft amendments.

Event Date Time Location
City Plan update session Monday 19 June 1-4pm

Level 16, 266 George Street, Brisbane City

City Plan update session Monday 17 July 1-4pm

Level 16, 266 George Street, Brisbane City